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Divergent - Veronica Roth

So this morning I finished reading the first book, Divergent, in Veronica Roth's trilogy. 

Needless to say I absolutely loved it and could not put it down despite the fact that I have a 2000 word essay on Italian Jews in the Holocaust due. 


I wanted to point out a couple of different things the book told me that the movie failed to do or in some instances achieved better. So brace yourselves for some spoilers!


  • Firstly, there was the Visiting Day in the book, that it did not have in the movie. 


  • The episode of Edward being stabbed in the eye by Peter and Drew


  • As I predicted in my previous post, the book shed some light on Natalie Prior's heritage (Tris' Mum). Revealing that she was in fact from Dauntless and also a Divergent, but because her mother was a Dauntless leader she told her to get out and choose the Abnegation faction - where it is impossible to fail the test. 


  • Something else that completely differed in the movie from that in the book was the notion of the simulations and fears. Tris' fears are different from that in the movie and so is the idea of simulation. For instance her fear of being attacked by a bunch of crows was symbolic of her fear of not being in control of a situation. It was interesting to note that she only had 7 fears. As well as this, there was no addition to Four's fears like I thought there might in the book, especially his fear of hurting Tris. 


  • I am going to make the bold statement and say that the "kiss" scene in the movie topped the books gradual introduction of that scene. Only because the movie combines Tris' being attacked by Al, Peter and Drew with her being protected by Four. This was well done, and a big credit goes to Veronica Roth for this and it's input in the movie. 


I am not done with this little post yet, and I will continue to add more as I remember it. For now it is off to write an essay on the Holocaust.