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So, I recently seen 'Divergent' at the cinemas. Now, I have not read any of the books but after seeing the movie, they are on the top of my "to read books".


I just wanted to make note of a couple of points, because I have never not seen a movie and then read the books, it is always the book first, then criticise the movie profusely. 


So I will dot point what I believe the book addresses in depth that the movie did not. This is complete guesswork and I want to look back on this and see what I did pick up on, even though I have not read the book.


  • Tris' reflection and the symbolism behind it
  • Four's family background - what in fact happened to his mother and his father
  • The transition and change of Four's fears regarding Tris
  • Tris' mother's past and background regarding Divergents and the Dauntless faction
  • Tris' mentality, temperament and drive from a first person perspective
  • The end of the book in comparison with that of the movie